The Week 04092016

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week, September’s here again and we have another batch of great releases from this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this realm of the senses!

Oh. You want this week’s best tunes? You got them – here’s Sonic Avenues, The Medicine Hat, Kraftverket, Sebastian Arnold, Marlow, Cálido home, Blaudzun, Minami Deutsch, Mexican Institute Of Sound, Toy Selectah, Cold Pumas, Beijo Fantasma, Seraleez, Acid Ghost and PALMFLOWER.

Live was all about – you’ve guessed it – it was all about Le Guess Who? 2016

We had an excellent interview with French electro-wizards Wunderland.

The Would Be’s gve us the lowdown on the tracks that make them SWOON.


We had our first Long Player of the week too, Void, by Andrea Schroeder – check it out, it’s a fantastic piece of work!


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