Interfew with: LU&CIA

Uruguay’s LU&CIA were formed in 2014 with Lucia Blánquez on vocals, keyboard / synthesiser and guitar,German Pompa on bass and Emiliano Frugoni on drums , percussion and strings. They’ve recently released an excellent debut album – The Trip – and Few caught up with them to talk about their influences and the music that has shaped the LU&CIA sound.

L=Lucía E=Emiliano G=German

The first tune you loved – why?

L-The first tune I loved was “Hey Jude” by The Beatles. I was 9 years old, and it was the first Beatles song I learned to play in the piano.

E- Probably ‘What’s my age again?’ by blink 182.. I was 11 at the time, just starting to get into drums, and that song just has great drum fills.

Favourite song(s)/piece(s) of music you’ve written – why?

L-The favourite song I´ve written I think is “The Trip” because it was the first one that made me think of starting LU&CIA as a band. I think it´s really catchy and has a nice dreamy atmosphere.

E-On Lu&Cia’s first album I’d say “Mi idea de ti” because it was the first song I ever pitched in to Lu&Cia and I love the outcome, the band really shaped the song. And of all of what i’ve done i’d say ‘Pase lo que pase’.. a song from a solo project called ’emustin’ i used to have. It has really cool, powerful, complex instrumental parts.

How do you know when a tune you’ve written is complete?

L-I know when a tune I´ve written is complete when I have the need to show it to someone else, like my mattes in the band first of all. Also I think that when a song is completed it asks you to stop writing and just start playing it.

E-I just feel it.. when I have a song that’s already developed on mosts of the parts and it starts feeling uncomfortable to just keep adding new parts, that’s a sign I should stop and start figuring out what I already have.

What song (by another artist) would you have liked to write?

L-Something by The Beatles.

E-I have a lot of tunes to mention but right now I’d say God only knows by The Beach Boys. The melodies are just insane.

G-Suite Nº3 by Bach. It´s the most incredible song I´ve ever listened to.

Which artist has influenced you the most?

L-I think one of the artists who has influenced me the most is Paul McCartney, because of the production, the lyrics and melodies of his songs. I love his solist career.

E-Charly Garcia maybe.. He’s such a genius and have created so many anthems that i just feel this pressure over me not to make crappy songs.

G- Juan Formell, he was such a great bass player.

Who would you love to support you on your next tour?

L-It would be great to go on a tour with San Cisco. We LOVE that band.

E-San Cisco as Lucia said.. they are great.. SCARLETT I LOVE YOU!.. just in case she sees this you know.

Name a song that makes you smile.

L-Shot at the night by The Killers

E-All cats are grey by The Cure.

G- Jammin’ de Bob Marley

What’s the best new band you’ve heard?

L-The best new band I´ve Heard is Magic Tundra. You all should listen to them. They´re great and they are from Uruguay too.

E-San Cisco. They are not new but I just recently discovered them. Damn i’ve been missing good stuff!

G-Radiohead when they started!

What’s your favourite radio station?

L-I don´t really have a favorite Radio Station.

E-I don’t listen to radio.

G-Radio del Sodre, it´s a local radio in Montevideo.

Sodre Radio

Which piece of music would you like played at your funeral?

L- Lose yourself to dance. It such a catchy song, and it would be the perfect one to celebrate my life and just be happy about it.

E-I won’t have a funeral.


A question you wished we asked you and what would be the answer?

L-What album do you recommend? ‘The Trip’ by LU&CIA! 🙂

E-What new band do you recommend? Lu&Cia! They’re great! Cool songs to have a chill time…

Thanks LU&CIA! Congrats on the album and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

LU&CIA Playlists below