Interfew with: Farmer Sea

Farmer Sea were given the thumbs up by L’orso in a FEW interview recently, after listening to their latest album we can only agree 🙂

The band, from Turin, were formed in 2004. The line-up is Andrea Sassano (vocals,guitars), Marco Farcito (guitars, percussion, synth), Diego Mirenghi (drums) and Cosimo Princi (bass, backing vocals,loops). We caught up with Andy to find out a little more about their music and influences.

What was the first tune you loved and why?

Probably a Beatles’ tune, because of my mum. She used to write down in a notebook all the lyrics, or some of them, when she was young. And so I grew up reading and listening. She also has a lyrics book illustrated by Alan Aldridge. It’s called The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics. The Italian version also has the complete translation of the songs.

What is your favorite song/piece of music that you’ve written and why do you think this?

Ok, that’s a tough one. I’d probably choose “For Too Long” from our second album “A Safe Place”, because it’s a very simple song, but with interesting and dreamy lyrics (which are always a main ingredient of our songs), nice acoustic guitars that sustain the whole song and reverse guitar/noises overdub. It’s the first song where we use the loop station for real time dubbing.

What song by another artist do you wish you had written and why?

Yo La Tengo – Stockholm Syndrome.The perfect mix between a pop melody, humble voice and a noisy and messy solo – killer lyrics also! “I Do Believe In Love”. That’s the Beatles again!

What artist(s) has been your biggest influence and in what way?

Sparklehorse (Mark Linkous). His lo-fi debut album Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot taught me that I could write songs without being the best guitarist in this world, without complete perfection and an high fidelity sound.

Name a song that makes you smile.

LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends

What is the best new band that you’ve heard recently?

In Italy…Indianizer. They are friends and make awesome psychedelic, tribal music.

Worldwide…I’m in love with Courtney Barnett. Can’t wait to see her perform someday.

What’s your favourite radio station?

3WK and NPR First Listen.

Who would win a fight between a drummer and a bass player, and why?

To me…the bass player. Because I love low frequency and so they are fundamental to me.
Speaking of strength…our drummer Diego is 192 cm tall so he’d probably win the fight!

What song would you like to have played at your funeral?

I don’t know. Lately I have lots of (bad!) thoughts about death of people I love…so I won’t spend lot of time thinking about this. Maybe Bowie’s “Five Years”.

What question would you like to be asked that you never are?

Maybe something about our songs…technical details, something about our sounds, or why our sound like that. Otherwise people doesn’t seem to be interested in our music at all, because everyone keep asking us the same old questions.
Yours are different, and that’s why I found them so interesting.

The band’s third album, “Nobody Listens, Nobody Cares”, was released in Oct 2015. They are still touring to promote it. You can listen to it and also their past works on their website.



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