Interfew with: Clémentine March (Water Babies)

Water Babies  was one of our tunes of the day in February. We caught up with Clémentine March to find out a little more about her music and influences.

What was the first tune you loved and why? 

​”No Reply”, by the Beatles. My granddad, who is 92 years old now, just recorded a 90 minutes tape of the White Album when I was 9. But as he had such classic tastes, he removed from the recording Helter Skelter (actually he edited 1’30 of the song and removed the rest !!) and Revolution 9. So what remained of the tape was bits from Beatles for Sale, including this first song “No Reply”. I always loved the intensity of Lennon in his songs. This one is a gem.​

What is your favorite song/piece of music that you’ve written and why?

​It’s hard to choose, but let’s say the last song I wrote, “Terrain Vague”. It conveys a lot of personal emotions to me.​

*We don’t have that as yet – but here’s a really excellent new release from the band (1st of March 2016) on Bandcamp –

​​What song by another artist do you wish you had written and why?

​”‘Til I Die” by the Beach Boys​. Oh my god, this song, the repetitive mantra at the end…

What artist(s) has been your biggest influence and in what way?

​Chico Buarque, the Brazilian composer from Rio de Janeiro. His chords and melody, his cryptic lyrics, sometimes fighting with words the military regime in the seventies, sometimes expressing so many characters (not only his point of view), his first sambas, absolutely astonishing. Songs like “Bom Conselho”, “Ole Ola” or “A Banda”. I love Chico so much !​

 Name a song that makes you happy and why does it have that effect?

​”Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder. 10 minutes of pure joy with Dizzy Gilepsie invited on trumpet.​

 What is the best new band that you’ve heard recently?

​Last November, there were those ugly events in Paris. A few days after, the 18th exactly, I entered the ‘Klub’ in Chatelet​​(Paris), a very small venue half emptied by the dark atmosphere that was ruling the city. A Brazilian band, Boogarins, ​played such an intense and psych rock that all of a sudden our grief was blown away in space. They looked juvenile, amazing young boys from Goias state (very inner Brazil) digging into mad grooves. Amazing on stage.

What’s your favourite radio station?

​BBC 6 of course, especially when I woke up yesterday hearing the voice of Kate (This Is The Kit), such a talented musician friend and one of the kindest and inspiring person I met in my life.

Who would win a fight between a drummer and a bass player, and why?

​I’d like to answer this question but I don’t want to see Pierre and Guillaume fighting, haha, they are such great friends, and it happens that they play with me, I’m so lucky !​

Your band/artist name- how did you come up with it and what does it mean to you?

​’Water Babies’ came from an album of rarities Miles Davis released in 1976. I’ve always been fascinated by Miles. And you can find a very famous water baby trying to reach a dollar bill on a famous artwork of the ninties. I was 11 when Nevermind was released and my whole life was changed when I heard it. It was such a blast in my ears. ​


​Now I’m starting to play my music under my own name too…​

What song would you like to have played at your funeral? 

“​San Vincente”, by Milton Nascimento (from the album “Clube da Esquina”). At the end of the song you can even hear the bells of the church, so that’s perfect :)​

What question would you like to be asked that you never are? (and what would be your answer?)

​I really don’t know, haha sorry !

Thanks Clémentine, best of luck for the future!




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