Interfew with: The Leading Guy

We featured The Leading Guy recently in our roundup of current Italian music.

The Leading Guy is the solo project of Simon Zampieri, former frontman and songwriter of The Busy Family. We’ve followed up with him to get an insight into some of his  influences.

As Simon says on his own website As a songwriter, able to tell something unique and spontaneous although painful, he searches for silence so he can better interpret the sound of what is precious. Great attention is given to the melody, which resembles folk music and the need to tell and keep amongst its own verses, characters, stories and memories which otherwise would risk to fade away. …..The train stops whenever he needs to play a story for us. He must alight when he identifies that silent conversation that needs to be played. He listens to people building up an honest relationship with them, exchanges whatever he thinks in that moment, and always shares his thoughts. The stage is his home. The stage is his place. The stage is where his words become melody.”

 What was the first tune you loved?

It’s “I’m So Tired” from Beatles.

What’s your favourite song that you’ve written?

Hard question. Maybe “oh sister” from my first album “memorandum”.

Name a song by someone else that you wish you’d written?

“That Day” from Villagers.  Wow!

What artist has influenced you the most?

Bob Dylan for his attitude about music. I always wonder if Bob Dylan would agree with what I’m doing  🙂 (Bob rarely agrees  even with himself – Few)

Name a song that makes you smile?

I feel happy with “make me smile” by Steve Harley. Rude and funny!

What’s the best new band you’ve heard?

Arcade Fire.

Who would win a fight between a drummer and a bass player?

I really don’t know about the winner between bass player and a drummer… I’m going solo from so many time 🙂

What song would you play at your funeral?

“That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra.


Thanks Simon for taking the time to answer our questions and we hope The Leading Guy has a great 2016!






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