Skal vi danse? ! Few’s Norway.

Brick: You ever been to Norway Rerry?

Rerry: I wanted to go but I couldn’t afjord it – geddit????

Ex Con: I’m Bergen you to stop with those puns.

Brick: Well, listen to this, they’ve got some shockingly good bands, there’s Norway you can stop dancing.

Ex Con: Maybe we could monetize this on Instagram, Pinterest etc. let me do some research…

Rerry: What time you posting it?

Brick: Look, I’ve got the “more” here in the HTML….

Rerry: What time?

Brick: Around 3…

Rerry: Around..? Around..what does that mean? There’s no “around” in professional.

Brick: That doesn’t make any sense…

Rerry: I’m out

Ex Con: I’m out

Brick: I’m out

And now so is our round-up of current Norwegian indie, give it a spin, you’ll no be disappointed laddies and lassies!





Image by Soldatnytt from Oslo, Norway (flickr (28 of 45)Uploaded by Arsenikk) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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