Interfew with: Elephant Brain

We featured Elephant Brain recently in our roundup of current Italian music.

We’ve followed up with them to get an insight into their influences. The band were formed in Perugia last year and consist of members Vincenzo Garofalo, Andrea Mancini, Emilio Balducci, Giacomo Ricci and Michael Giovagnoni. They released their eponymous EP in November – listen below.

 What was the first tune you loved? 

It was the tune that chose us: we played many kind of music and at the end we arrived to our rock, inspired by different music influences.

What is your favourite song/piece of music that you’ve written?


What song by another artist do you wish you had written?

Lithium by Nirvana.

What artist(s) has been your biggest influence?

We are all influenced by the music we use to listen: mainly rock but with some little element from pop music.

Name a song that makes you smile.

Joker And The Thief by Wolfmother. It’s a very ironic song and it reminds us of the movie The Hangover.

What is the best new band that you’ve heard?

The best new band we have recently heard is Beach Slang. Their last album rocks! (Thanks for the tip boys, I’ve been having a listen and it is top class!).

What’s your favourite radio station?

Virgin Radio

Who would win a fight between a drummer and a bass player, and why?

A drummer. Playing the drum requires a decent amount of violence and strength. In my opinion it suggests a will of break and smash. Bass player is usually the most calm member of a band so in this fight he has no choice to win.

What song would you like to have played at your funeral?

My Immortal by Evanescence

P.S. We hope Elephant Brain have a great 2016!




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