Che figata! Few’s Italy.

“So, I was thinking, maybe you should say something about the bands? You know , like a little biography or whatever?”

“The bands?”

Yeah, you know, the artists.”

“But I tag them all and you can listen to the music and go find out for yourself if you want. Isn’t that part of the excitement of discovering new music?”

“Is it? are you going to write then?”

“I’ve got a poem.”

“A poem?”

“Yeah, it’s about Italy, sort of.”

“How does it go?”

“Like this –

They were married in Rome
The magnificent couple
In a Fiat 500
With nary a ruffle
Of feather or quill

They looked divine
In sapphire and blue
The sky was a mirror
Their love was a glue
That stuck them together

I never showed up
But I never do
Stuck on the border
In a broken Daewoo
That never got anywhere

Now I sit here alone
And think of Bologna
I’ve never been there
If you have then good on ya
You’ve travelled a lot

Italy, you said,
Was your favourite place
The people, the music
The grand public spaces
And the fountains

Or was it mountains?
Anyway, this one’s for you too😀”

“This is a new low.”




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