Black – Live 2015

Setlist The Love Show California Ashes of Angels Charlemagne Her Coat and No Knickers Quinn’s Old Flame Cold Chicken Skin Stone Soup Sunflower Cool Who You Are Water On Snow

Ilmatyynyalukseni on täynnä ankeriaita: Few’s Finland.

In 2005 the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, insulted Finnish cuisine and joked that Finns ate “marinated reindeer”. In 2008, Finland won an international pizza contest, beating Italy. The name of the winning pizza was “Pizza Berlusconi”and it was made of Berlusconi’s flaccid penis smoked reindeer.

Interfew with: L’orso.

We featured L’orso (The bear) recently in our roundup of current Italian music. The band was formed by Mattia Barro in 2011 in Ivrea, Turin. In that pretty town (and it is pretty, we looked on Google maps street view) he wrote his first songs, made the first video and recorded the first EP.  The band comprises…

Carsick Cars

Here’s a selection of some great guitar pop by Carsick Cars from Beijing, China. YouTube Spotify

The Invisible Man.

I had to be in The Oval at seven. Right now, I was sitting on a stone bench in the park behind The Church bar. I’d just been in Jervis Street, buying some bedding. A raggedy old guy, smelling strongly of booze, settles down beside me. He’s one of hundreds, if not thousands, of abandoned…

Interfew with: The Chills

We’ve featured the legendary The Chills a few times already on a couple of classic tracks and also the coveted New Tune of the Day back in October New Tune of the Day.. The Chills – Warm Waveform We’re delighted that Martin from the band took time out to answer a few questions for us….

Interfew with: The Leading Guy

We featured The Leading Guy recently in our roundup of current Italian music. The Leading Guy is the solo project of Simon Zampieri, former frontman and songwriter of The Busy Family. We’ve followed up with him to get an insight into some of his  influences. As Simon says on his own website “As a songwriter, able…

Skal vi danse? ! Few’s Norway.

Brick: You ever been to Norway Rerry? Rerry: I wanted to go but I couldn’t afjord it – geddit???? Ex Con: I’m Bergen you to stop with those puns.

Interfew with: Elephant Brain

We featured Elephant Brain recently in our roundup of current Italian music. We’ve followed up with them to get an insight into their influences. The band were formed in Perugia last year and consist of members Vincenzo Garofalo, Andrea Mancini, Emilio Balducci, Giacomo Ricci and Michael Giovagnoni. They released their eponymous EP in November – listen…

New Year, New Few

I was walking the streets in the rain, it had been pouring down for days – the city was full to bursting, a giant bucket of steaming piss ready to explode. I, for one, did not want a piss shower, although I know certain people are partial. It was the doldrums after Christmas when everyone’s…