Norwegian indie oysters Highasakite formed when vocalist Ingrid Håvik met drummer Trond Bersu while studying jazz at the Trondheim Jazz Conservatory (well, what else would you study there?). They soon added producer Thomas Dahl on bass and guitar and Øystein Skar on synthesizer. Brick once compared my playing abilities to Øystein – “Close, but no Skar.” (you’re fired. Ed.)

Their debut album, All That Floats Will Rain, was released in early 2012 by Riot Factory Records in Norway. Following critical acclaim for their debut and their rousing live shows, Marte Eberson and Kristoffer Lo were added to the ensemble. Lo plays the flugabone just like ringing a bell.

Highasakite produce a heady blend of classic pop and Scandinavian folk, underscored by beautiful electronica. Add instruments like autoharp and zither and the sound veers off from the mainstream in a really interesting way.

The Guardian said “If Highasakite had been around in 1990, they would have been on the cover of the Melody Maker every week.” Is that a bad thing? We think not. As we all know the Guardian is up it’s own arse half the time (only half? ed.)

I wonder who the son of a bitch is? Maybe they’ll tell us.





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