FEW Shorts: Lali Puna.

Lali Puna featured recently on our German music sampler. See here –

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We’ve followed up with them to get an insight into their influences. The band, based in Munich, are originally from Weilheim in Oberbayerb. Fronted by singer and keyboard player Valerie Trebeljahr, Lali Puna’s line-up is completed by drummer Christoph Brandner (also of Tied & Tickled Trio), keyboard player Christian Heiß and Markus Acher – an artist already highly regarded for his work as part of The Notwist (also on our sampler). The band are at the forefront of modern electro-pop, combining a strong experimental aesthetic with an obvious love of melody.  Valerie kindly answered a few questions for us, and we’ve put together a playlist based on those as well as some of our favourite Lali Puna tracks (and there are many!).

FEW: What was the first tune you loved?

Valerie: Ella and Louis: Cheek to Cheek. My father played the duets from Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong a lot on long drives. Followed by Rum and Coca Cola by the Andrew Sisters.

FEW: What is your favourite song that you’ve written?

Valerie: Well, it’s difficult to hear your own voice on records. I still like to play Nin-Com-Pop a lot. Or Geography-5 (although we never play it live).

FEW:  Name a song/piece of music by another artist that you would love to have written.

Valerie: Gillian Welch: Orphan Girl or Kraftwerk: Ohm Sweet Ohm

FEW: What artist has influenced you the most?

Valerie: In the beginning Stereolab, later Broadcast

FEW: Name a song that makes you smile?

Valerie: Missy Elliott: Pass That Dutch

Valerie added “Short questions, quick answers :-). Normally it takes me ages to answer interviews by mail, but these questions were funny and short. Thanks!”

Thankyou Valerie! That’s Few, funny and short….well, short anyway 🙂


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