FEW Shorts: The Robocop Kraus.

The Robocop Kraus featured recently on our German music sampler. See here –

download  Few’s Germany

We’ve followed up with them to get an insight into their influences. The band were formed in Nuremberg in 1998. Their rhythmic, angular art-rock (math rock?) is up there with Echo and The Bunnymen, Gang of Four, The Monochrome Set, Bloc Party, Art Brut and  Thomas Dolby to name but a handful. Matthias Wendl, the band’s guitarist, kindly answered a few short questions, via email, for us.

FEW:  What was the first tune you loved?

Matthias: Roxy Music – Oh Yeah!

FEW: What is your favourite song that you’ve written?

Matthias: “Sometime I wonder if you`d been a dog in your previous life”, from our last EP “Metabolismus Maximus”.

FEW:  Name a song/piece of music by another artist that you would love to have written.

Matthias: Terry Riley “A Rainbow in Curved Air”.

FEW: What artist has influenced you the most?

Matthias: Every artist I heard so far. The good and the bad ones*.

Few is going to take a flyer on this one and include a Monochrome Set tune for you 🙂

FEW: Name a song that makes you smile?

Matthias:  Alvin Stardust “I Feel Like Buddy Holly”.

Thanks Matthias! Alvin makes everybody smile, and thanks for introducing us to Terry Reilly, we’ve never heard that before, it’s excellent. We’ve created a playlist with your answers, plus a few of our favourite Robocop tunes.  Enjoy!





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