The Wizard Of Oz – The 1950 Radio Production

Lux Radio Theatre first broadcast “The Wizard of Oz” on Christmas Day, 1950. Judy Garland, by then 28, was the only original cast member of the MGM film to take part. Other cast members were: Herb Vigran (Tin Man), Hans Conreid (Scarecrow), Ed Max (Lion), Herb Butterfield (Wizard), Betty Lou Gerson (Good Witch), Noreen Gammill (Wicked Witch) William Johnson (Uncle Henry), Ruth Perrott (Auntie Em), Gil Stratton (Mayor) and David Light was the voice of Toto. Have a listen, it’s very charming. We’ve included the broadcast from YouTube and  Deezer, it’s not on Spotify – however  we have included a recording of a 1939 Radio Preview of the (then) upcoming movie. 




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