Based out of Barcelona, the group has 5 members including Marc Fernandez, guitarist and vocalist and Elaine Phelan on synths.Few recommends giving these guys a listen.  

City Break: Few’s Lost Weekend. Chapter 5.

We are approaching Belfast, evening falls, the crows call out a warning. I’ve got an uneasy feeling. Few is drunk, or merry anyway. Merry in a morose way. Maudlin. The phone rings. I put it on speaker. “The Few”, a thick guttural accent, hard to place exactly but Munster somewhere. Suddenly Few is alert, and…

Kraftwerk – Utrecht,Netherland 1981

Setlist Intro Nummern Computerwelt Metropolis Das Modell Radioaktivität Computerliebe Autobahn Neonlicht Spiegelsaal Mitternacht Schaufensterpuppen Trans Europa Express Taschenrechner Die Roboter Heimcomputer

Long, Luas and Full of Juice: Few hits the road. Chapter 4.

Few has been summoned to Belfast by his “associates”.  He’s cagey as fuck, won’t tell me who they are. He’s nervous too. He’s shaking. More than usual anyway. I cajole him into taking the train. Not easy. He’s worried about riffraff. The great unwashed. And other piquant sobriquets. Eventually we find ourselves waiting at Smithfield Luas….

Joy Division – University of London Union

Setlist 1: 0:16 Dead Souls 2: 4:58 Glass 3: 8:39 A means to an End 4: 12:40 Twenty Four Hours 5: 16:46 Passover 6: 21:40 Insight 7: 25:42 Colony 8: 29:46 These Days 9: 34:03 Love Will Tear Us Apart 10: 37:17 Isolation 11: 42:02 The Eternal 12: 48:29 Digital

Hands up Few fans! You’re Bustered!

Prince Buster, a king amongst men – The Prince wielded a greater influence on Jamaican music than any other single individual. He was there at the birth of ska, rock steady and beyond. Would 2-Tone have existed without him? No, no it wouldn’t. He chose music over boxing and produced knockout tunes time after time….

Few’s The Kids Are All Wrong. Chapter 3.

Too Few Is shuffling around his desk, it’s what he calls dancing. He smirks, it could be a grimace. “Where’s the gin?” He roars; “Never mind.” He spot a half empty (half full) bottle on the window ledge, grabs a rancid coffee cup and pour liberally. Big gulp. “Aha, you are a fucking genius! That…

Iggy Pop – Hippodrome Paris 77

Setlist 1. Intro – Sixteen 3:57 2. Lust For Life 4:13 3. The Passenger 8:08 4. I Got A Right 4:16 5. Neighborhood Threat 5:54 6. Success 3:52 7. Fall In Love With Me 8:59 8. Raw Power 4:25 9. CC Rider – Jenny Take A Ride 2:36 10. That How Strong My Love Is…

SWIT’s Autumn Almanac: The Wexford Files.

The big kahuna is on the blower. I’m on sabbatical in the bleary nothingness that is Fethard-on-Sea. Leery lads stagger across the streets, flashing belligerent would you fight me would you fight my brother looks. They don’t care if you have kids, they’ll fight them too. Fetid-on-Sea might be more appropriate*. Who knew you could go so…

The House of Love Live At The BBC

Setlist 1. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” (Preston, 03/19/90) 2. “Road” (Preston, 03/19/90) 3. “Beatles and the Stones” (Preston, 03/19/90) 4. “Se Dest” (Preston, 03/19/90) 5. “Never” (Preston, 03/19/90) 6. “Shine On” (Preston, 03/19/90) 7. “Christine” (Marquee, 04/22/91) 8. “32nd Floor” (Marquee, 04/22/91) 9. “Hope” (Marquee, 04/22/91) 10. “The Girl With the Loneliest…